Injury healing well

So…….this is a personal message from Linda, the owner/operator of Anytime Flowers West Saint Paul, MN.

Many people know this, but many more do not. I broke my dominant humerus bone just a week or so before Valentine’s Day, 2016. I snapped the shaft completely and then to make things really interesting, the two pieces shifted considerably. It is never good timing to break a bone but when you’re a one-man show florist, this becomes a really big problem! This is one of the most difficult breaks to get healed apparently, yay me!!!!……Anyway, I had surgery before Valentine’s Day and then started the long road to recovery.

I want to apologize for not always being available for customers. I went through many months of doctor visits and physical therapy, always during regular business hours of course.

I am happy to say that I am almost back to normal business, and want to thank all of you who have continued to support our business through this trying time.

Back to the flowers!


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