Our new website!

If you are a regular visitor to our website, http://www.any-timeflowers.com you may already have noticed quite a few changes. Right now, I’m especially loving the “snowflakes” on my home page. How fun is that?

A big new change is our affiliate program with Amazon.com. Right now, we simply have a box at the bottom of the home page that shows you Amazon’s lightning deals and deal of the day. That may change as I forge deeper into this but what a convenient way to see what super deals they have going, just go to our home page and scroll down and a picture is shown. I’ve conveniently linked to the Amazon siteĀ on our website so you can see the full range of deals going on, or, shop on their site!

Here is another link for you for a little extra holiday gifting if flowers are not going to be enough.


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