A Personal Note From the President ~ Linda Pawlik, CFD, MNCF

My personal passion has always been working with fresh flowers. Finding new and creative ways to add an extra dimension to an already beautiful creation ~  the flower~ is a wonderful occupation.

I wrote my first business plan when I was 13 years old, I just always wanted to be a florist. Starting Anytime Flowers in 1997 was just a culmination of  the experience and dreams of a life time in the pursuit of what I love ~ being a florist in Minnesota. My first job as a florist was in 1980 and I continued to learn the art for the next 17 years as a floral designer in various flower shops in Minnesota.

My learning did not stop once I started Anytime Flowers though, I don’t think the continuing education will ever end. The letters behind my name mean a lot to me, and although the average person may not know what they mean specifically, those letters assure one thing. Here is a professional who spends the time and money to continue on a life-long path of learning an ever changing craft. What that DOES mean for you is that you will always receive the best in flowers and floral design, simply because it is my passion.

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