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Anytime Flowers, St. Paul Award Winning Florist

Many flowers and Colors have meaning behind them. Before sending flowers in St Paul MN, check the flower color meanings below. Sending a card with a tie in to the color and meaning behind the flowers is always a nice finishing touch.


The Language of Flowers is extensive indeed, even the colors have different meanings to really personalize your gift of flowers to someone special.


On the side panels we have a list of the traditional and modern gifts associated with anniversaries ~ just remember that flowers help to convey the mood! For wood, how about a wooden planter box with fresh flowers or a blooming plant nestled inside for the "WOW" factor?  We can wrap a vase in aluminum foil or use a soda can as a bud vase! We also have provided a list of the different colors and the meanings that can be conveyed with them, although any color and any flower are meaningful in themselves!