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Flower Care and Handling
General Guidelines

There are many myths about care in general of flowers, including things that should be added to water to lengthen the life. Most of these are ineffectual, and some can even lessen the life of flowers, most notably the myth about adding soda pop or sugar.

Sugar actually can explode the growth cycle of microbes that cause bacteria, which is the #1 killer of fresh cut flowers. ALWAYS use the packets that are supplied by your florist, this flower food is specially designed to enhance the life span of cut flowers when used properly. This means you should not just dump a packet into the vase! Follow the directions on the package for optimal satisfaction, proper ratio of food to water is crucial.

Generally, a vase that comes from your florist will already contain the proper mixture, you just need to mix a separate pitcher, and add this prepared solution as needed.

The only time that it is necessary to completely replace the water is when it becomes "murky" or "stinky". This means bacteria is present. Take flowers out and rinse the stems. Refill the vase with prepared water, cut stems, and place back in water. Cool water is best, warm water tends to cause flowers to develop quicker, so the blooms will finish out quicker not to mention that warmth causes bacteria to grow faster.

Avoid placing your cut flowers in direct sunlight or on top of devices that generate heat, this again will cause bacterium to multiply quickly. Generally, bacteria is limited to the bottom inch of a stem so a one inch cut effectively removes any of these little vessel cloggers.

Remember, all flowers, whether growing in your garden or cut stems from the florist are on a one-way ticket, it is simply their nature, they bloom and then they die. However, by using these tips, you can enhance the life-span, and so enjoy them for a longer time, sometimes even longer than if they were still attached to the mother plant ~ how cool is that?

TIP ~ In the case of daffodils and cut eucalyptus ~ never give them a fresh cut and place them with other flowers, most notably tulips. Give them a fresh cut and then place them in their own water source for at least one hour prior to letting them share a vase ~ they will secrete a gel that quickly clogs the stems of other flowers.
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